Building & Code Enforcement


Mark Lenzi
Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer/Fire Marshal
585-223-5466 fax

Building & Code Enforcement Department

The Office of Building and Code Enforcement serves to ensure the safety and harmony of our community through administration of NYS Uniform Code and the Code of the Village of Fairport. We provide assistance to home and business owners, contractors and design professionals before, during and after their construction or renovation project. Applications for construction are reviewed for compliance with local and state codes, permits are issued through this office and we perform regular inspections of projects while under construction. This office also receives and investigates local and state property maintenance code complaints, identifies violations and administers enforcement actions.

Building & Code Enforcement FAQ – commonly asked questions:

  • When do I need to apply for a building permit?
Most construction projects require a permit. Renovations, alterations, additions, sheds, decks, pools/hot tubs, fences, signs and changes to electric, gas or plumbing commonly require a permit.

  • How tall can my grass be?
Grass can not exceed 8” in height. Village Code §186.

  • What is the Village noise ordinance?
Generally, quiet hours are between 11 P.M. and 7 A.M. Village Code §330.

  • Am I allowed to store a boat, trailer, RV or unlicensed vehicle in my driveway?
No, but under some circumstances you may be allowed storage elsewhere on your property if compliant with Village Code §347. Call us for help.

  • Can I park my car in the front yard?
No. Vehicles may be parked on the driveway or in the street (as posted). Avoid parking in the front yard or across the sidewalk. Please be a good neighbor, parking violations will be enforced.

  • When and where can I place garage or estate sale signs, how many can I have?
Garage and estate sale signs are permitted, provided that each residence has only up to two such sales per year and the signs are placed within one day before the sale commences and are removed within one day after the sale concludes. Garage sale signs can be placed in front of the house where the sale is being conducted and at the closest intersection to a major street, with a maximum of two signs. Excess signs will be removed & discarded.

  • When and where can I place political campaign signs, how many can I have?
Political campaign signs may be placed in your yard, not in the right of way (generally between the curb and sidewalk) up to 60 days prior to the election and must be removed within 48 hours after the election. You are allowed up to 4 signs. For safety’s sake, please ensure you are not obstructing the sightlines of motorists or pedestrians.
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