Liftbridge Lane E. Active Transportation Project

The Next Steps/Timeline:
  • Proposed plans were first presented to the Village Board at the September 27th, 2022 work session meeting.
  • Conversations with local merchants and business owners are being conducted and are ongoing (begun October 2022).
  • An opportunity for the community to share feedback is ongoing and a meeting was held November 16, 2022 (Invitation).
  • Feedback was incorporated into presentation shared with the Village Board on December 12th at the Village Board Meeting. Meeting information posted on Active Transportation Web page.
  • The Board will make need to approve a plan via a resolution (TBD) in order for the plan to be submitted into the bidding process.
  • Bidding process will open (TBD) followed by bid submission and review.  
  • Bid awarded (TBD)
  • Funding determined early 2023.
  • Create a communication plan to keep businesses and residents informed of the progress.
  • This paving project is planned to begin spring 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How will the addition of a median in the roadway impact snow plowing of Liftbridge Lane?
A.  The removal of the bump outs in the roadway improves the ability to plow. Plows with sidewings cannot be used today. The bike lanes will be cleared using smaller equipment and the street without the bump outs will be easier to maneuver with plow trucks.
Q.  Will the road lanes now be smaller? How will deliveries be made?  
A.  The current road lanes are 10.5' wide. The new lanes will be 11' wide. Deliveries will be handed the same way they are today.
Q.   Why is bike traffic diverted from the canal trail to Liftbridge Lane?
A.   The Canal Corporation is responsible for traffic on the canal trail (inside the blue line of canal property) and the New York State DOT is responsible for operations of the lift bridge including the tunnel underneath. Due to congestion on the canal path and the tunnel, bike traffic is diverted to Liftbridge Lane at the east and west ends. The choice to designate Liftbridge Lane as the NYS Canal bike route was made over 10 years ago when management of the canal was administered by the NYS DOT.
Q.  Does this project correspond with the Village's Comprehensive Plan?
A.  Response: The Village of Fairport Comprehensive Plan Goal 12.0 identifies a goal to provide multi­ modal transportation and infrastructure that supports land uses and meet resident needs; and goes on to state the Village should become an equally bicycle friendly Village that attracts families through safe connections.
Village residents identified the ability to bike and walk to recreation sites, shopping, restaurants, etc.
(57% of respondents),
second only to attracting new businesses to the business district (60%).
With such strong support for multi-modal transportation, the Village took  the opportunity to commit to an Active Transportation Plan for Liftbridge Lane East. 

Updated Plans, Village Board Meeting - December 12, 2022

1) Issues Concerns from the 11-16 -22 meeting

BME Associates Response Letter
See the response document here
The response document shares the rational and responses from Peter Vars, Project Engineer, BME Associates to the following 3 questions

1. Project Need / Traffic Study / Accident History
2. Elimination of On-Street Parking
3. Bike Lanes on Northside and Intersections

2) Public Parking Exhibit
Public Parking Exhibit (pdf)
The public parking exhibit shows locations of existing parking, parking that will remain as is, and new or repurposed parking spots.
Public Parking Study of Liftbridge Lane East

3) Plans that were considered prior to choosing the proposed plan along with the pros and cons for each:
Concept 1 (Proposed Plan)

Concept 2

Concept 3
Concept 4
Concept 5
Concept 6

Public Design Workshop - November 16, 2022

Liftbride Lane E. Active Transportation Project-Public Meeting Advertisement

  • The Village needs to perform full paving and infrastructure work in 2023 on Liftbridge Lane East.
  • (See the map above) Liftbridge Lane East and West are the designated paths for cyclists to travel when on the canal trail. 
  • There are designated bike lines on Liftbridge Lane West, but no designated lanes on Liftbridge Lane East.
  • The current conditions are unsafe for bikers and traffic and less safe for pedestrians when bikes move to sidewalks to avoid mixing with automobile traffic.
  • Village Comprehensive Plan from 2010 and 2020/21 call for improved access to active transportation in the Village and business district. (2010 - Comp Plan Objectives: 6.6, 6.7, 6.8  - 2020/21 - Comp Plan Objective 7.3, 7.4) and completion of Main Streetscape which will tie Liftbridge Lane East and West together.

Initial Proposed Plan September 27, 2022

Map of Liftbridge East and West (1)
Rendering (Full Site)
Rendering (Sheet 1 of 2)
Rendering (Sheet 2 of 2)

  • Village staff is working together with BME Associates to identify and determine the best course of action to incorporate active transportation and traffic flow on Liftbridge Lane East. They will be looking at updates and a reconfiguration of Water Street for traffic flow, deliveries and parking. Due to the anticipated changes for this street, most on-street parking will be eliminated west of the FMC parking lot. These proposed plans were shared with the Village Board at the Village Board Work session September 27th, 2022.
  • Concrete bump outs and on-street parking are removed. The street has a straightened trajectory. 

  • These proposed plans are in line with complete streets community plans. There is a safe place for pedestrians, bikes and autos. 
  • A bi-directional bike lane is separated from pedestrians on the north side of the road. Bike lanes are  separated from the automobile traffic lanes with a curbed 5' wide median incorporating granite curbs, plantings, street trees, and decorative, functional street lights. The median may include some sort of hard surface that during summer months can hold pots with plantings similar to those on Liftbridge Lane West.
  • Automobile traffic lanes are located on the south side of the street and the lanes are slightly wider that the current lanes, allowing for deliveries and larger trucks that need access to deliver to Fairport Electric located at the end of Liftbridge Lane East on the north side of the street.
  • Appropriate crosswalks and signs will be located on the street near the median cut outs providing pedestrians to be more clearly seen by auto traffic.