Joining the Fairport Fire Department

The Fairport Fire Department is always looking for new members!

To inquire about joining the Fairport Fire Department please email us at
or call Monday-Friday 7:00am - 3:30pm at 585-223-9220
New Member Application

Historical Overview:

The Fairport Fire Department consists of three companies, The Deland Hose Company, The Fairport Hook & Ladder Company and The Fairport Protectives. Originally, these companies performed separate functions in the event of a fire, but for many years now, their functions have been merged into a single department. Since it's modest start, the Fairport Fire Department has grown to an organization of over 80 members that operate out of two stations. The Department operates more than 9 pieces of firefighting and rescue equipment, answers more than 750 alarms per year and serves approximately 27,000 people. A great deal of time goes into maintaining our organization and providing quality training programs for our firefighters.

The Fire Department will provide all needed equipment and training courses.

Qualifications for Membership:
- Be at least 18 years old at time of application
- Be a citizen of the United States
- Be of good moral character and physical condition
- Have a valid NYS Drivers License
- Live within the Fairport Fire District

Roles and Responsibilities of a Member
-Respond to alarms and weekly training exercises
- Complete NYS mandated courses
- Attend monthly Department and quarter company meetings
- Serve on committees and promote close working relationship with other members
- observe the rules, regulations, and by-laws at all times
- Preserve the reputation and history of the Fairport Fire Department
- Participate in parades and other community events

The Fire Department meets on the first Monday of the month, except December, when the annual election of Officers is held on the second Monday of the month. The companies each hold quarterly meetings, with their December meeting being the annual election meeting. The Fire Department conducts training every Thursday at 7:00 PM at Station #1. Members are required to attend a minimum number of activities as described in their company by-laws in order to retain their membership.